Five Reasons Builders Should Choose i-Roof

Roofspace Solutions started with the innovative i-Roof™ solution, which quickly became a go-to for housing developers across the UK who were looking to use Modern Method of Construction (MMC) for their projects.

The i-Roof solution offers valuable additional living space to new homes, creating 2.5 storey homes through the room-in-roof, delivered through off-site manufacturing. The process is fully managed by the Roofspace Solutions team from start to finish, giving you confidence knowing our experts are available every step of the way.

There are benefits to both the end user and the developer when specifying i-Roof. While the homeowner will enjoy the convenience of more living space, the developer can unlock all the benefits of utilising MMC.

If you’re considering investing in MMC methods for your next build but are unsure about what benefits i-Roof and MMC can bring, here we look into the five reasons why you should specify i-Roof for your next development project.

  1. Provide added space and convenience for homeowners

With studies showing that, on average, new builds have decreased in size each decade since the 50s[i], homeowners are in need of more space to facilitate their growing families and lifestyles.

By specifying i-Roof, it’s possible to provide homeowners with additional living space in the roof.

  1. Speed up build time

The most well-known benefit of MMC is that it can considerably speed up the build time of a project. For example, i-Roof can shave up to four weeks of time off a traditional roof build, all of which is made possible thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced team at our Warwickshire site.

Each component of the i-Roof is carefully manufactured in our specialist off-site factory, and is then delivered on-site in flat-pack form, ready to be assembled and craned into place. This can be on top of either a traditional brick-and-mortar built home, or onto our i-House solution, by our fully trained installation team.

  1. Experience high-quality builds

The trained and experienced teams in both design and manufacturing ensure rigorous quality control checks take place.

Doing these quality checks after each step in the process ensures the end product is of high quality to meet specific regulations.

Once the i-Roof arrives on site, you can be assured that everything will be exactly as specified in the design.

  1. Safer on-site

Nothing is more important than health and safety both on-site and off-site and ensuring that every colleague goes home safely at the end of the day.

According to research by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 30% of on-site fatalities occurred when a worker fell from height[ii].

By specifying i-Roof and taking advantage of off-site manufacturing, time spent working at height is significantly reduced as the roofing structure is professionally craned into place rather than being installed entirely by hand.

  1. Sustainable solutions

Environmental concern for all projects is high, but utilising MMC can have significant environmental benefits, too. Deliveries to site are more efficient, as everything required for i-Roof is coming from one single place of manufacture.

As every component is manufactured in a factory, less machinery is required on-site which reduces the amount of noise and dust created. This ultimately has a positive impact on both the environment and the surrounding communities.

As we take all of our manufacturing processes off-site, we’re also playing our part in reducing on-site wastage. i-Roof is delivered to site ready to be installed, which minimises the amount of waste sent to landfill, while off-cuts from the manufacturing process are able to be stored within the factory or recycled, rather than thrown away at the construction site.

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable development we have partnered with more:trees, which is an organisation that helps to take impactful climate action through global tree planting projects. Each new tree planted sequesters CO2 over its growth time, helping to slow down damage caused through deforestation, desertification, and flooding.

Building for Future Homes

With the introduction of the Future Homes Standard from 2025, and the temporary uplifts in Part L and Part F of the building standards, the built environment is already working towards cutting emissions. As we take things off-site, we’re already contributing to this, and are well-placed to react to the new standards as they are introduced.

We’re continuously innovating and working alongside our customers to ensure we adhere to the new standards, without compromising on the quality or design of the product.

If you’re considering making the switch to MMC for your next project, and are looking for a reliable partner to deliver an innovative solution to your end users, get in touch with our team today: