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Benefits of our Solutions

When looking to use either of our construction solutions, there’s plenty of benefits that you can take advantage of, from the increased speed of construction compared with traditional methods to the health and safety of your on-site teams and contractors, decreasing the fall from height risk.

Both of our solutions also give your customers a number of benefits which help make your beautiful homes and developments an even more desirable place to live. Our room-in-roof option makes the most of usable space making rooms on the top floor that little bit bigger. Whilst our i-House option gives excellent thermal performance, reducing the amount of heat lost at thermal bridges.

With i-Roof and i-House working well in conjunction with each other, you and your customers can enjoy all the benefits that come with using these solutions together.

Health and Safety

It’s well-known that a high number of the unfortunate accidents that happen on construction sites is a due to falls from height. With the amount of time spent working on upper levels when building a property, this comes as no surprise. With our roofing solution saving around 5 weeks’ build time and our housing solution being upto 40% faster to build, significantly less time is spent working at height. We also take great pride in fully training our installation teams on the best working practises to keep themselves and anyone they work alongside safe.

Cost Certainty

With our simple and easy to folow pricing structure, by using our solutions on your sites you can benefit from cost certainty, plot to plot. Taking into consideration a number of components required within the build, by supplying a full package of materials, your site teams no longer need to spend the time organising these.

Construction speeds

When comparing our modern methods of construction with traditional build, both of our solutions drastically reduce the amount of the time it takes to build a property. We can install between two and four i-Roof products in just one day or complete a watertight property shell ready for follow-on trades in just five days. With our teams concentrating on the installation, your Site Manager can focus on other parts of the build, speeding the construction up even further.

Consistent Quality

Our solutions are constructed off-site in our Warwickshire based factory which are then delivered to developments across England. As our solutions are loaded on to the wagons ready to be distributed, they go through a rigorous sign-off process to ensure all our materials are of the highest quality. This cross checking alongside a highly trained and knowledgeable installation team means you can rest assured consistent quality from property to property. For additional assurance, we ensure the Site Manager checks and approves our work before we finish any job and leave site.

Full Design and Support

Our friendly, knowledgable and dedicated team are on-hand to help and answer any questions you may have right from your initial enquiry through to the completed installation. Our Design and Technical teams will ensure the product and specification suits your project, whilst our on-site teams will visit site and run through everything with the Site Manager prior to the day of install.

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