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The Roofspace Solutions journey began back in 2008 when we created an innovative new solution to the traditionally built roof that we went on to call the i-Roof. We opened the doors to our factory and offices, starting production and in no time i-Roof became a staple product within the construction industry.

After the success of i-Roof, it got us thinking we could innovate even further and create a whole house solution. After a couple of years in the making, we came up with a complete property solution, launching i-House in 2015. Being well trusted by many of our customers, they were keen to try out our new product as we used our modern methods of construction to support builders, speeding up build times, reducing the risk of health and safety on-site and aiding the shortage of skilled workers available.

In 2018, we joined the Saint-Gobain group as part of the Off-Site Solutions division to meet the demand for support and products within the construction industry. Over the coming years we will continue to grow and provide new and innovative ways of working to the housebuilding sector.

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