What Is the Room-in-Roof Solution?

Attic rooms, also known as room-in-roof, are becoming incredibly popular for optimising space in the home without significantly increasing build costs. Empty loft spaces often have little to no insulation, with large expanses of space simply wasted. With the room-in-roof solution, you can provide your customers with that extra habitable space.

Continue reading this handy guide brought to you by Roofspace Solutions to find out more about the benefits of room-in-roof.

What is a Room-in-Roof? 

The room-in-roof solution is a fully prefabricated roof with a room integrated into it. As the name suggests, a room-in-roof is simply an extra room in the loft space that is accessed via a fixed staircase. The room typically has roof lights and dormer windows.

A room-in-roof replaces the traditional empty loft space with a fully functional room that occupies the entire floor of a house, offering endless possibilities. Adding that extra space to your property can increase interest and raise your profit margin. 

How the Room-in-Roof Solution Works 

Here at Roofspace Solutions, we supply a fully manufactured roof complete with insulation, also known as the room-in-roof solution. 

The room-in-roof solution replaces the idea of having a traditional roof and an empty attic with a high-quality, insulated space. Let’s take a look at how the room-in-roof solution is installed.

Room-in-Roof Installation 

Our i-Roof product allows for a quick and easy on-site install, all managed from start to finish by our fully qualified and knowledgeable team. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how we install the room-in-roof cassette solution here at Roofspace Solutions.

Step Action Description
8am Arrival  Our team and the materials will arrive at your site and begin setting up.
8.30am-10am Gable and party wall spandrel installed Firstly, the lower gable and party wall spandrel is craned into position and propped.
10am Top hat installed The top hat section is then built at ground level and craned into position.
1pm i-Roof panels installed The i-Roof panels are then craned into position.
1:30pm ARC cavity stop sock applied The ARC cavity stop sock is then applied.
2pm Eaves insulation installed The eaves insulation is then installed and protected.
2:30pm Gable ladders, soffits, fascias, GRP dormers and roof lights installed The gable ladders, soffits and fascias are then installed with GRP dormers and roof lights.
3pm Project complete Once you’re happy, the project will be marked complete and the area will be tidied, with any debris removed from the plot. 


Benefits of Room-in-Roof

So, what are the benefits of room-in-roof?

  • With the room-in-roof solution, a complete structure is provided with insulation. 
  • You have the ability to plan the layout however you desire.
  • The room-in-roof solution reduces the need for on-site labour as it is installed by our fully-trained team.
  • It can be installed fast – saving money on labour costs.
  • The room-in-roof solution is mostly factory assembled allowing for better quality control and a reduction of on-site accidents.

But, how do these benefits help you? Let’s take a look in further detail. 

Benefits of the Room-in-Roof Solution for House Builders

Adding the room-in-roof solution to your properties can help to target the current market, maximise your investment and attract buyers looking for that extra space. Here’s just some of the benefits.

Quick and Easy On-Site Install

The room-in-roof solution allows for quick and easy on-site install, all managed from start to finish by our fully-qualified and knowledgeable team. With multiple installations delivered in one day, you can save money on labour costs and continue to work on any other elements of the build without any disruption, reducing the time it takes to finish the development so you can quickly move onto the next. 

Sustainably Sourced Materials and High-Quality Workmanship 

With environmental concerns growing, we take every precaution possible to protect the environment supplying high-quality sustainable timber sourced responsibly from carefully managed forests. Along with high-quality building materials, our dedicated and fully trained team delivers exceptional results every time – so you can rest assured your project is in the safest of hands.

Our exciting new partnership with UPOWA also means we are able to offer the room-in-roof solution complete with solar panels in just one day.

Reduction of On-Site Waste

Our fully-qualified knowledgeable team will install your room-in-roof solution effectively, efficiently and on-time, reducing the amount of disruption and waste that can be found with traditional construction methods. The project will be completed in as little as one day with the area tidied and any debris removed from the plot.

Less Risk to Employees 

Our modern methods of construction keep the standard of quality high and the risk to your employees low. Most of the work is completed in our off-site production factory in Alcester, reducing the risk to your employees who would traditionally work with unsupported blockwork. This is replaced by a secure timber engineered solution managed by our fully-trained team of experts.

Cost Savings

Surprisingly, multi-storey homes are more cost-effective. A tall home requires less foundations than a wide home, reducing the cost per square foot. Building homes with the room-in-roof solution will allow you to maximise your investment and reduce your spend. 

Improves Kerb Appeal

Multi-storey homes are ideal for the modern family, providing lots of space and an eye-catching aesthetic. An appealing design can attract potential buyers.

High Return on Investment 

The biggest advantage of adding the room-in-roof solution to your property development is its potential to generate a significant return on your investment. Modern properties with lots of space are likely to attract buyers, especially those with larger families.

Increases Living Space

A lack of space is one of the main reasons people choose to move houses. A room-in-roof solution already provides the space they need. This can increase appeal as homeowners do not need to worry about minimising their garden further down the line by adding a costly home extension or moving.

Versatile Space

You can provide potential buyers with a versatile space they can customise, whether this be a gym, home cinema, a guest room, an office, a nursery or even an extra lounge.

Better Views

Being at tree height allows for better views of the scenery. A room-in-roof also increases privacy which can appeal to potential buyers.

Room-in-Roof Installation Services

At Roofspace Solutions, our i-Roof solution allows for a quick and easy on-site install, with a pair of roofs fitted in as little as one day by our fully-qualified and knowledgeable team.

As an award-winning provider of i-Roof products, we manufacture, deliver and install high quality roofing and whole house solutions to house builders nationwide. For more information on i-Roof, contact us today.