Our tree-mendous pledge

We at Roofspace Solutions are continuing our tree planting pledge by committing to replace all timber used during the production of our construction products.

Following our promise last year to plant one mangrove tree for each pair of our i-Roof™️ components we install, we exceeded our goal to plant 2,000 new trees. To put this into perspective that’s a whopping 600 tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere!

We are again setting out with this goal in mind and partnering with MoreTrees, an online platform that allows businesses to plant trees wherever they are most needed in the world to reduce overall carbon emissions.

Our new pledge states that for every installation of our i-Roof™️ and GRDNspace products, used by national housebuilders to speed up construction, we will plant multiple trees. So far this year we have planted 2,428 trees, which is an amazing 728 tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere encouraging us to continue towards our new goal.

Paul Terry, Managing Director of Roofspace Solutions said; “This pledge to replace any timber we use during manufacturing is a key part of that, alongside steps such as reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill and minimising the energy used per unit.”

In addition to this pledge, we are offering untreated timber off-cuts to any local person, business, charity or community in the Alcester area. To enquire about collection, contact our Marketing Manager, Laura Huggins at [email protected].