i-House takes home the gold at housebuilder award

Our innovative i-House™️ solution, which can decrease construction time by 35%, has won the Best Building Fabric category of the Housebuilder Product Awards for the second time.

The offsite system, which is based on aircrete, is designed, manufacturers and installed in partnership with H+H UK Ltd.

i-HouseTM uses Celcon Elements: storey-high panels of aircrete that are craned into place to form the load-bearing fabric of a house. Their design provides outstanding thermal performance and reduced heat loss at thermal bridges.

When combined with prefabricated first floor cassettes and a prefabricated roof structure and installation by our dedicated contracting team, the result is a complete, watertight shell of a standard house type completed within a week on site

The off-site nature of the solution also means less waste and a cleaner working environment for colleagues on site. Read more about how i-House helped Lovell Homes on their Crown Meadows development here.

i-House also won the Housebuilder Product Awards in 2017 when the first prototype was revealed. Since then, the system has been successfully utilised in over 1,500 new homes and is an example of the modern methods of construction that the construction industry will soon come to rely on.

Roofspace Solutions Managing Director, Paul Terry, said: “We’re thrilled that i-House has been recognised once again by the Housebuilder Product Awards. It’s a system we’re incredibly passionate about, as we believe it has the potential to transform the way we build homes in this country – speeding up construction while making worksites safer and greener. I would also like to thank the outstanding team at H+H for their role in making this product such a success.”