The easy way to add Solar Panels to your i-Roof

As an award-winning designer and manufacturer of prefabricated housing, we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of the housing sector; finding new ways to help homeowners reduce their reliance on gas and electricity to heat their homes, alongside our commitment to reaching carbon zero by 2045. In addition, the Part L interim standards, which come into force by 2023, require every new home to have a 30% reduction in energy consumption.

We therefore set ourselves a challenge.  Could we deliver a ready-made and easily integrated solution now that could help homeowners tackle both rising energy costs while improving carbon footprint?  And could this solution also help developers rise to the challenge of the Part L standards, while futureproofing installations in line with the upcoming Future Homes standards in 2025 – which sets even more stringent requirements for energy performance?

That’s where our new and exciting partnership with UPOWA comes in, offering a room-in-the-roof complete with sleek Inline Solar panels in just one day.

Why UPOWA? As one of the UK’s leading sustainable technology products and services specialists, the addition of UPOWA’s Inline Solar Panels will enable us to respond to the immediate demands for zero-carbon ready homes.

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