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At Roofspace Solutions, we have a real passion for construction, especially modern methods of construction and helping the industry build safer and quicker. Our blogs are here to help you understand the different areas of construction and how our solutions play their part.

“We have a real passion for construction”

We are always adding new and interesting blogs here, so check back regularly to see what’s new. If there a particular topic you’d like to see feature on this page, why not get in touch and let us know.

The Fabric First Approach

The ‘fabric first’ approach prioritises the energy efficiency of a property right from conception, at the start of the design and development process, as opposed to considering it as an afterthought or ‘add-on’ to ensure properties meet building requirements. Energy efficiency is considered at every stage with a fabric first approach, primarily when designing a building and selecting materials for the core makeup of a property like frames, walls, doors, and windows.

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Modern Methods of Construction

Off-site construction is not a new concept. The practice of constructing homes away from the building site can be traced back as far as the Romans!  In the 1900s, we saw the development of kit homes in the US and, here in the UK, the post-war period took advantage of pre-fabrication to help address housing shortages.

Of course, construction technologies have moved on at pace since then, but there remains a degree of caution in the industry as to the benefits of off-site manufacture versus traditional methods of construction.

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